This blog is jointly authored by the members of ENG 331 Digital Culture, an upper-division course primarily for students majoring either in Film and New Media Studies or English at Wheaton College in Massachusetts.  The course explores the various ways in which new information and communication technologies — and the concomitant digitization of culture — impact issues such as representation, textuality, narrative, interpretation and the production of cultural meaning.

wiih-logoThis year, the course is connected to the Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities, or WIIH for short, and the students taking it are 2013-14 WIIH Fellows.  An important part of our intellectual project therefore is to engage with and to explore the Institute’s 2013-14 theme:  New Media, New Knowledge:  Technology and the Humanities.  Although posts will inevitably be informed to some degree by the content of the course, our blog aspires to reach a broader audience of readers consisting of people who are interested in digital culture generally, and in the relationship between new media and new knowledge, technology and the humanities more specifically.   

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