Privacy: Not a Priority

In Contemporary Portrait of Information Privacy: Collective Communicative Consequences of Being Digital Preston C. Russett discusses internet users and how today privacy on the web is no longer really an option. Privacy on the web is also no longer a priority to users. Russett explores the concept that the web has made it possible that there is so much private information that can be found online. The article explores the future of information technology while also acknowledging the risks that will exist particularly in this digital age.


Digital Footprint


Privacy is no longer a priority as users have accepted the reality that if you want access to this affordance then you have give up your personal information. Internet users basically have to make a choice, you can keep your personal information private however this is only really possible by not allowing herself access to technology for example the web, cell phones, debit cards, or any other form of technology that may allow yourself to leave a digital footprint or be tracked . This isn’t a very plausible option for most and so it is no longer a priority to users as its not reasonable option now.

Think about how much personal information you have out there open there for anyone to see? This information is out there to be viewed by anyone anywhere at any time. As comfortable as we have come to feel about putting ourselves out there for everyone to see we should always think about the risks and consequences associated with internet usage.


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