Governmentality and Control

“Entering a new type of society,” as well as a “leaving behind of discipline,” we witness a “taking over” from disciplinary institutions of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; modes of micro-power practiced through meticulous techniques of standardization, management, organization, individualization, examination, and observation enacted on and through enclosed bodies sought to produce normalized subjects for civil society.

Quoted from the Raiford Guins reading, this, in a nutshell, is the ideology that marries the two concepts of governmentality and control together. The reading was a bit sophisticated in unpacking the binaries, if there is even a binary. However, this idea leads me to the subject of government protection with technology as a medium for that. There is no direct democracy, but rather a representative democracy in this  country that makes it somewhat easier, in my opinion, to feel secure.

To dig a little deeper, though, just how sure are we that the government is keeping us safe? Some plausible observations could be the manufacturing and sales of surveillance objects, tracking digital footprints and a strong presence of police all around.


(If those were not blatantly obvious enough, I don’t know what is…)


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