Digital with Culture

There’s a d677px-Mona_Lisaifference with viewing culture on a computer or tablet screen and actually experiencing culture in person and partaking in it. Also it is a statement about the person and their social standing.

In his article “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” Benjamin talks about the Aura of the piece. Talking about the significance of the art in its place and time. How the art of culture is actually in getting up and going. For example the Monalisa in the Louvre or even just going to MOMA or the MET museums to see some of the modern art. Seeing the works of art in person is very different from seeing it on a screen for one thing the viewer gets to revel in not just the beauty of the piece but also the size, something you can’t do on a small screen; a person can imagine the size with the actual given dimensions but can’t see the whole thing in the real size. I think with that comes a certain amount of appreciation for the piece but also an admiration for the artist to make a work of art like that.

Further going to the places is a statement of who the person is, their social standing and class. Having the money to afford to get to those places like Paris and then finding a place to stay in addition paying to get into the Louvre. All that says the person has a lot of money and is high up and rich. Also it says the person is culturally rich because of places they have gone to see the works of art in person. Plus there is the souvenir of getting to say, “I was at that place at that time and saw that thing and you didn’t.”

Going back to the Aura of the piece Benjamin talks about the actual work of art. Once that work of art is reproduce in any kind of way it is no longer that thing. There by it loses the aura of the original work of art. One work is quite interesting, the Statue of David by Michelangelo in Florence Italy in the Piazza della Signora. People think it is the real think and they think they are lucky at getting to see the statue by the master but the thing is that Statue that stands there is a replica. The real one is hidden away in a storage so that it does not get damaged. It becomes a small disappointment that you are seeing a replica and not the real thing since you already paid so much just to get to Florence, Italy.

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