Knowledge is Power

In his article The archive a12401701921581394466boobaloo_Archive_Icon_2.svg.mednd the processor: The internal logic of Power Robert Gehl talks about the immediacy of Web 2.0 and the archive of the sites the addictiveness. How the users inability to view their archive provides a “totalitarian regime” in the sites. In the article Sherry Turkle argues.

We live a contradiction: Insisting that our world is increasingly complex, we nevertheless have created a communications culture that has decreased the time available for us to sit and think, uninterrupted. We are primed to receive a quick message to which we are expected to give a rapid response.

I find this interesting, in today’s world that the social media sites have changed the way we receive and provide information. Instead of having long thought debates or talks the users share information through a limited amount of characters and words to talk about what they are doing. Which gets filled in with the pictures the user puts on his/her profile. Other users than fill in the rest of the information from what they see. This rapidness and immediacy as Sherry states gives people little time to think about what they are saying and seeing and just respond from instinct.

I think that since social media sites have made the users so used to having quick short bursts of information people become less willing to read long articles, unless there is something in the first few paragraphs that really catches the readers attention the time spend with the longer articles and sites is less than that with shorter ones. and look more at sites that are shorter with more pictures; kind of like a children’s book.

The quick posts of pictures and the users likes and information become part of an archive. From the archive the creators of the social media site can access the information about you. From this it creates a tremendous imbalance of power where they know everything about the users and have access to the archives.




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