Targeting 101?

I have been thinking a lot on the multimodal presentation that we have as an assignment for our Digital Culture class. The project encourages us to find a theme that actually interests us and inspires us to research properly and efficiently.

For my project I have decided to start with the idea of micro-targeting to start. This is a tremendously broad area so I have begun to do some research in order to properly navigate my ideas as to how to go about this multimodal project.

To begin, I started with the typical questions of how or why( of course after what exactly). Micro-targeting was something I knew only vaguely of. I had heard it in relation to its use during the presidential campaign as a political tool.

After that, I learned how it was used not only in politics but for consumer marketing as well. Which is when I began to ask how and learned that there are major companies like Acxiom that collect all this information about the public and hold it to then sell it. So I began to ask how and why, only to find out that it is a major industry with a lot of profit to be made for many reasons.

From here I think I finally landed on my topic. I have decided to write on the micro-targeting industry and its recyclable nature. By using examples from major information brokers. As i continue my research and create my thesis I am very excited to see the outcomes unfold and learn about the industry that is booming largely in part due to the increasing influence of information communication technologies and the growth of the digital culture in a global world.

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