Social Networking and Twitter for Czech Politics

As I think about the current situation in Czech Politics my mind goes to the Velvet Revolution and the fact that back then the students who started it all had great contact with each other and communication. In relation to how today’s youth communicate through social networks, the face to face interaction is lost but the computer mediated communication (CMC) replaces it. The one thing the two generations have in common is that there exist leaders and followers. In the article by Lindgren and Lindstrom, as a part of their conclusion they mention that,

 our social network analyses show that this linguistic structure is paired with social structure where there clearly are leaders as well as followers.

They continue to explain tha526px-Flag_of_the_president_of_the_Czech_Republic.svgt the position of the leaders was directly connected to their linguistic skills. Similar to the way that during the velvet revolution there were clear leaders with excellent verbal skills, Vaclav Havel, so to today the social networks have their leaders that control the communication about the political protest.

In the Czech Republic the current political situation is such that the parliament is in disarray and the President, who was elected in the Summer, has control of the police, news and decisions being made. In this situation the older media for communication like TV and radio become compromised and the people can’t trust the information coming from the News Stations and News Papers. With very limited opposition to the President he is in total control of everything happening in the country and can practically do what ever he pleases.

The older generations are too old to do anything or stir things up like they did during the Velvet Revolution, which means it is up to the younger generations. The problem is because of the corruption they no longer listen to the News or Radio. What I have always thought could make something happen is if the leaders on the social networks sites were to lead the discussion in the direction to get protests going. Because like during the Velvet revolution, the youth would communicate in a structure that they recognize and use regularly the current political leaders would not be able to stop the communication unless they brought the network down.

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