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In his article, The institutionalihulu-vs-youtubezation of YouTube: From user-generated content to professionally generated content, Jin Kim talks about the way YouTube has effected older media networks like ABC, NBC, Warner Music Group, and Disney. Interestingly he mentions that YouTube has not totally removed the older media networks but rather that from it´s creation they have learned and adapted to survive. Originally it was a problem with copyright and they, the networks, wanted their money for YouTube showing their shows. Funny that after Google bought the video site and added adds and advertising into the clips the networks let the charges go and realized that perhaps they too should have their shows accessible on the internet as their viewers preferred to use the internet to watch their favorite shows.


I remember when YouTube was free from all the adds and commercials and all it was were the clips the user was searching for so they didn’t get annoyed at the extra content. It was simply the UGC (user generated content) video or clip that one was searching for and nothing else. This was more user-friendly but the owners of those videos wanted their money for someone just watching their videos even though a person could not download the video from YouTube but it could be shared though only through social media sites like MySpace and Face book The creation of PGC (professionally generated content) that changed the experience of YouTube. At first it was just trailers for movies which did not seem as a distraction since it was an advertisement for Film, a medium that YouTube was supporting, it was not until later that the adds and commercials got introduced.


Jin Kim also mentions the introduction of another online video site, Hulu. Which had the commercials and breaks like the networks had on TV and the users had to pay for the shows they were watching so it was and is not free. In this way the networks were willing to have their shows be accessible online for a monthly subscription except that one could not see the newest release, that still had to be watched on TV. In this way YouTube has not removed the older networks viewing forms but rather the media has “converged” into one where the old and new function together. I don’t think the quality of shows one gets from watching them on TV will change so that it is accessible and free on the internet, but I do think that as the music industry continues to become easier to access for free so too eventually will the TV shows and films as they are both a form of entertainment.

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