“Broadcast Yourself,” more like “Monetize Ourselves”

Since 2005 YouTube has been an online video content website that has allowed anyone to upload personally made videos or to watch any video of their choosing. The site has prided itself on being a place where those passionate about video making could go and interact with others who share the same passions.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.59.11 PMHowever, as we continue to dive into this media frenzy generation we are able to see through the simple “broadcast yourself” slogan and realize more and more that YouTube is a site looking to build profit off of its users.

Since Google purchased YouTube it has been on the prowl to maximize its revenue through advertisements. So far they have been unsuccessful an issue that many online sites are facing today. This is an issue especially troubling with new companies who have decided to put their papers online. We have become accustomed to receiving our information via the Internet for fifteen years, why should we start paying now?Money_Cash

According to Janet Wasko and Mary Erickson who wrote an article called  “The Political Economy of YouTube,” “monetization is essential to the survival of websites.”  While this may be true, YouTube began as a site absent of ads, which is when it gained most of its users. Today it is bombarded by Google’s attempt with various types of ads that hope to capture users attention. What began as a site for the users has quickly turned into a way for the corporate owners to make money.

It is now that one realizes who is actually benefiting from media sites such as YouTube. Corporate owners who work behind the scenes at YouTube get to decide which videos to spotlight. They make these decisions based upon what video they think they can stick ads on that will capture more users attention and in return receive monetary gain.

It is upsetting to realize that eventually everything comes down to money. In a world where content and experience used to be the ideal goal today we are consumed by which site gets the most “likes” and who can make the most money. It is because of this shift that content is declining and users are deciding to turn away.



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