Have you ever had a pleasant phone conversation with a company agent from your cellphone’s service provider, or perhaps electronics manufacturer? Experienced a wonderful scheduled appointment with a designer or owner at your favorite high-end fashion boutique? Marketing tactics like these are put in place skillfully to improve the quality of customer service. It takes away the strictness that is often associated with business, and in turn, creates a feeling of comfortability. The beauty of having a relationship between you and your company is the aspect of communication that bridges the gap. CRM (customer relationships management) is the strategy that businesses, either small or large, use to establish working methods of communication with their customers. The framework of the CRM model comes from idea of phatic communication.

To put it simply, phatic communication is the deliverance of one identity, how we present ourselves to others. With the overall goal of making a comfortable space and building strong, positive relationships with customers, CRM employs phatic communication to remove that barrier of separation between buyer and seller. With dialogue that enforces intimacy, businesses can better accomplish this goal. Have you ever had a customer service agent ask you how you were doing, or how your day was going, or talk about the weather?

Outstanding ServiceAfter all, who doesn’t like to feel as if they’re more than just a source of income? In New Media, Networking, and Phatic Culture, Vincent Miller states, “we crave relationships that allow us to open up to others,” (page 389). He goes on to state that “phatic exchange…does not inform or exchange any meaningful information or facts about the world. Its purpose is a social one, to express sociability and maintain connections or bonds,” (page 394).


In other words, does not just aim for happy customers, it aims for loyal customers. It goes beyond the purchase of a product, the ending of a call, or the exiting of a department store. The important thing is mutual reliability. You are able to depend on making recurring purchases, more calls, and frequent trips back to that department store. In exchange, you can confidently be guaranteed a holistically satisfying experience.


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